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Effective management of tomorrow will required enhanced sensitivity to shifts in public and social expectations and will need an insight of a clearly articulated vision for the future.

Making profit is a necessary measure for achieving economic success and securing the future. Profits are first and foremost necessity of the company but that should be with an indication that the company's products and services are competitive and meet the needs of customers. Profits are also necessary to finance innovation, plough back to research and development, to come out with new projects.

Phoenix aims at generating appropriate financial results through sustainable growth and constant renewal of balanced business structure, so that we justify the confidence of all those who rely on us,  the company shareholders, employees, and the public in general.

We will not put our long-term in danger by taking short-term profits. We believe the success of the enterprises of the Group will depend primarily on the visionary & creative abilities of those at the helm of affairs. We must ensure that tomorrow's performance is demonstrably better that today's. 

Deen Mohammad